Monorail Maintenace

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Lubricate chain for at least 3-4 circulations on the circuit.

a) Air pressure on regulator – set at 2-3 bars.
b) Open oil regulator to 1 drop / second.
c) Check physically if lubrication reaches the chain and bearings.
d) Use only OMEGA 613 molybdenum based lubricant.
e) Over-lubrication can cause dripping on products without serving any real purpose.
f) Check chain tension on conveyor – If pendants are held between the two fingers and pushed upwards, it should move upwards by approximately 30-40 millimeters. (Do this at the inspection section with the lid removed)
g) Check free movement of the tension unit.
h) Check correct operation and cleanliness of the torque limiter.
Loosen three adjusting bolts until the clutch clips under full load. Tighten each adjusting bolt by approximately one-third revolution at a time until the chain moves. Finally tighten one-quarter turn each. Torque limiter will now slip if the chain jams, but will not slip under the load.


a) Check gearbox oil level and check for any leaks
b) Apply, if necessary, an appropriate grease to the transmission chain, taking care not to allow any grease to drip onto the torque limiter.
c) Check for any excess wear on bearing.
d) Check for any wear on track and bends.
e) If V- belt driven, check for V-belt wear, as well as free operation of spring loaded variable speed pulley.

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